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Who is an Oblate?

Benedictine Oblates are Christian men and women of various backgrounds, faith traditions and lifestyles who have experienced a call to deepen their spirituality according to the spirit and vision of St. Benedict. By doing this they find support to actively live out their baptismal covenant which is the wellspring of their Christian spirituality.

Why become an Oblate?

Women and men become Oblates because they find that God's call to ever increasing wholeness is facilitated in their lives by sharing with others.

Oblates give shape to their lives by living the wisdom of Christ as interpreted by St. Benedict in his Rule. They cultivate a monastic heart as they witness to the gospel message of Jesus Christ while continuing to live in their own homes.

How do Oblates share the basic values of Benedictine life?

-by deepening their relationship with the God who dwells within and in whom all dwell through prayer and lectio divina (sacred reading)

-recognizing and participating in the earthwork of the Spirit that calls all that exists into community

-cultivating peace and acting with justice in relationships

-witnessing to Benedictine hospitality

-participating, as possible, in the liturgy and activities of the local church community.

How do I become an Oblate?                                                                                                 

There are three steps to becoming a Benedictine Oblate of the House of Bread monastery.

Step 1:  'Come and See'

Take time to acquaint yourself with the Oblate community by participating in the activities that are offered.

Step 2:   Enrollment as Candidate

The period of candidacy gives time for a decision about entering into a deeper commitment.  During this time you learn about Benedictine spirituality through formal study, and by participation in an Oblate geographic group near you.

Step 3:  Becoming an Oblate

          After the period of candidacy you make a final commitment. 

As an Oblate you live out your Benedictine spirituality in your current life circumstances while continueing to deepen your understanding of Benedictine spirituality through ongoing contact  with the Monastic and Oblate communities as experienced in your geographic group. Your service reflects the monastery's mission in your local situation.

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