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Dear Friends,

This is indeed a time of transition for the Benedictine Sisters of the House of Bread monastery.  For the past ten years we have been in the process of planning for a future that will allow us to age in place, share our beautiful residence and property with others and continue to be a spiritual presence on Vancouver Island.

Our planning led us to Abbeyfield Canada ( where we discovered that core values of Abbeyfield Canada align with ours. The first Abbeyfield house was established over 60 years ago and there are now hundreds of Abbeyfield houses operating around the world.

Each house is a not-for-profit seniors residence under the management of a volunteer board of directors. The mission of Abbeyfield is to provide a home-like atmosphere where independent seniors in good health can enjoy peace of mind, community and security while continuing to maintain their independence.

In 1972 Bishop Remi J. De Roo asked the Federation of St. Gertrude if the Benedictine sisters could return to Vancouver Island so that heir spirituality might be shared with the people in the area. We came. Our lives have been blessed by the many and varied opportunities we have had to serve the people of the Island and beyond. Although we are now retired from active ministry, we have figured out a way, with the help of God and others, to continue to be a presence among you.

We will become an Abbeyfield residential community inclusive of all who reside in the house, while simultaneously continuing to maintain our Benedictine Society. Thus, we will be able to achieve our own goals of aging in place while sharing our residence with other healthy seniors who meet the Abbeyfield criterion for residency.

If you have any questions regarding the transition of the Benedictine sisters to Abbeyfield St. Benedict, please contact If you wish a brochure, have questions about living at Abbeyfield St. Benedict as a resident or know of someone who might be interested in becoming a resident, please contact

We look forward to continuing our relationships with you. You remain in our prayers and we trust we can count on your support.


Benedictine sisters of the House of Bread Monastery.

May 12, 2020

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